Ozone has been used in Germany since the 1870's to disinfect blood and has been found effective in eliminating transmission of hepatitis, syphilis, and most recently, HIV. The most common method of ozone administration in Germany has been major autohemotherapy. However, intravenous ozone therapy has been used since the early 1980s.

The main advantages of intravenous are:

1. Precise dosage.

2. Consistently better results compared with autohemotherapy. Direct IV application produces much better results and requires fewer applications. This is particularly apparent in patients with lung cancer, allergies, and AIDS.

3. Prompt elimination of any allergic components contributing to cancer formation and virtually all other degenerative diseases, all vascular diseases, immune diseases, and allergies of all types. This effect is much more consistent than with autohemotherapy. The same applies to removal viruses, bacteria, and fungi that may also be adjunctive factors for cancer and other degenerative diseases. Direct intravenous ozone consistently removes unwanted antibodies from the bloodstream.

4. Clean application of the ozone with simple syringes without the requirement of using disposable bottles and other equipment that could be contaminated.

When ozone is injected into the blood stream, it immediately starts to react with any available type of oxidizable substrate, most notably the lipids of the cell membrane. Lipid peroxidation products of ozone include alkoxyl and peroxyl radicals, singlet oxygen, hydrogen peroxide (peroxide burst is the mechanism by which viruses, bacteria, and fungi are killed by macrophages and microphages), ozonides, carbonyls, alkanes and alkenes.

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Note: The use of Ozone by doctors is illegal in some states in the US so please check local laws, information presented here is for educational, historical, and research purposes only.

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